Automation systems for graphics industry ES IT

Automation systems for graphics industry ES IT

Automation systems for graphics industry ES IT

About Us

We have been in the printing business for many years.

Our specific sector: inking and washing control systems, dampening and coating devices, ink feeding and cold foil systems.

Our customers include the high prestige names in the graphics industry - large, medium - sized and small firms who want to keep up with the times.

We are united in our aims. We invest in research and development. We produce hi-tech systems. We adapt them to individual requirements - and it is our company's flexibility that makes this possible.


Analysis of technical and economic requirements to meet the customer expectations in terms of quality and reliability.


Setting goals and evaluating project development to make design process more dynamic and flexible.


Use of CNC machines, careful choice of components and assembly precision to provide high-quality products.


Instrutions at the end of installation and prompt service for a high productivity.


  • The whole adjustment process is controlled from the Grafitel console.</br>
You can select one or more sectors of one or more ink fountain ducts, modify, exchange or copy the opening values. At the same time, a LED graph/digital representation indicates, zone by zone, the present ink duct outline or the requested one.</br>
Pressing a key the commands are transmitted in the form of high frequency light impulses. These are disturbance-free and, through the optic fibres, reach the electronic units of the ink ducts which, endowed with local intelligence, move the metering slides and control the quantity of ink.</br>
Grafitel controls not only the inking process but also, if you wish, registers and dampening. Grafitel is attentive to working of your press and ready to exchange information with everything it is surrounded by.


    Remote control system for inking

  • The TGColor dampening system excels at what is mostly required: balance between ink and dampening solution.</br>
Here is the idea: to obtain the right balance, avoid transferring them separately onto the plate. You help the ink capacity to absorb a certain quantity of dampening solution, making use of appropriate rollers and prior to the start of printing.</br>
In this way, you will have a striking improvement in print quality - more brilliant colours and higher contrast -and a reduction in start-up times.


    Dampening system

  • Take a dampening device that works better than most dampening systems. Add one of the most innovative coating devices you can find. If you do it well you will obtain Thesis: two devices in one.</br>
Designed to perform specific functions, both devices give superlative results. The quality of the coating is in fact an improvement on the results achieved with in-line coating units, either for overall or spot coverage.</br>
Optional: independent device for supplying and circulation for U.V. and water coatings.</br>
Thesis can also be supplied as a coating unit only, in the SV version.


    Coating and dampening system

  • Who has said the washing of the press must necessarily be long and tiring? The Lavamatic system doesn't need much to wash the blankets for you.</br>
The washing times and procedures, that are more adapted to the conditions of the press, are selected for each of its parts: the washing solution is measured, mixed and distributed on the surface of blanket cylinders, removes ink residues and hickies.</br>
The vantages are surprising: the best cleaning for high-quality printing, drastic reduction in maintenance times, minimum washing solution consumption and dispersion in environment and, last but not least, greater safety for your work.


    Blanket washing system

  • Two driven shafts: the foil or embossed ?lm are unwound from a roll, applied to the sheet, between the blanket and impression cylinders, and rewound onto another roll.</br>
 The SmartFoil system allows spectacular eye-catching results, effects otherwise impossible or too expensive: the screen images which are cold foiled and overprinted with shadows and half-tones are incredibly bright and realistic.</br>
 Film with diffraction and hologram patterns create magical and iridescent effects on the coating, that are not only decoration but also proof of authenticity.


    Cold foil and UV film casting system

  • Dositech is an automated ink feeding system: a cartridge holder moves back and forth above the ink fountain, the ink level is monitored by a sensor and, when required, ink is added automatically.</br>
Load the cartridges. Dositech starts to force the ink out of the cartridge and then replaces the empty cartridge with a full one.</br>
You will obtain reduction of make-ready times and ink consumption control with less waste; the printing process is highly stable.</br>
Cartridges are more practical, clean and reliable than cans as ink container, and are now re-usable, thanks to the possibility to be refilled by the Colorpac device.</br>
Dositech can also receive ink from remote pump, in the Extra version.


    Automatic ink feeding system

  • Do you mainly use four-colour process and don't have to change sequence frequently? Colorfix is for you!</br>
An innovative distribution bar, equipped with electronic level sensor, feed into the ink fountain duct ink which is drawn directly from a drum by the F200 pump.</br>
Increased print quality and productivity, risks, spoilage and waste reduction are guaranteed with yet another possibility, that of feeding the same ink in all the printing machines and knowing the consumption rate.


    Centralized ink pumping system

  • Movink finds application where it's necessary to 'move' the ink. This pneumatically operated ink agitator distributes the ink evenly across the whole width of the ink fountain duct, especially in the side areas, to apply ink to the duct roller correctly, keep ink at a proper viscosity, and avoid ink skins that contribute to the formation of 'hickeys'.


    Ink agitator

  • A store of cartridges that contain in the basic colours, an actuator for the delivery of the ink from the cartridges, a weighing scale and a sophisticated control unit with memorizing software is all that is needed.</br>
It's up to you regarding colour and quantity choice: Cromaspot doses with great precision, without un-necessary tubes, pumps and conventional valves.


    Automatic ink dosing system

  • We also offer you Unigrip quick release plate clamps, on which instead of an endless number of plate blocking screws you will find only two or four of them, according to the size.</br>
 The plate can be inserted, positioned on register (thanks to the reference pins), tightened in an even way. All that can be done in a few minutes. What else could you require for release plate clamps commanded by hand?


    Quick release plate clamps

  • Eliminate ghosting. Do you think it is a challenge you won't surely win or a too difficult problem to be solved?</br>
 We did solve it, with TGRoll, the anti-ghosting inking roller, which not only turns: an ingenious internal mechanism transmits to the roller, when necessary, an axial movement that helps eliminate ghosting.</br>
And you will obtain great freedom in paging-up and make-ready times are reduced to the minimum.


    Anti-ghosting ink roller

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